About us

The formation, size and work methods of our current team have been formed by projects of filming in the recent years. We have worked together previously as well in the course of construction and renovation works, but due to the influence of filming projects a very experienced and skilled working team has been created, which is able to fulfill Customer's orders and requirements which seem to be impossible.

Our folk traditionalist carpentry works represent high quality, because they go beyond those solutions and methods, which we adopt in the course of traditional roofing. Every scene has its own set and special request. We have built that kind of wooden structures in a location under the protection of historic buildings, which we had to carry out with authentical, so called folk traditionalist carpentry work (exclusively with timber joint techniques).

Movie set out of distressed wood

We worked with that kind of century old mortising and jointing methods( which were before the modern building industry) which are executed by metal (screws and nails) today. Our carpentry works are "famous" as they were "presented" in the cinema, millions of people have seen our sets, just nobody noticed them. Well, that is the life for the decorators.

Spacecraft from wood

We have built spacecraft from wood, roofs in the style of New York in 1900's, of course with the well-known, iconic wooden cistern.

Movie set out of wood

On the occassion of our set construction works we have to face new challanges at all times and we carry out some sort of unique solution, so for this reason we work with vast number of construction materials and methods. This kind of professional experiences come in handy in the course of our renovation works..

Set structure from the back with old cistern

Interior architectural execution

Due to our experiences detailed above we can carry out almost every individual interior architectural and structural execution.

Visible rafters in a room

The deadline is just as important to us as to our customers, unlike most construction companies, as the filmmakers and actors arrive for a set period of time at the shooting location, everything has to be handed over on time, delay is not acceptable.

Turnkey, high quality renovation

We provide this kind of professional attitude and work experience during the renovation. We believe that our construction industry and the later acquired set construction background are that sort of know-how, which is unique, value-creating and competetive in the construction market in Hungary today.

Loft building in family house

If you would like to order turnkey, high quality flat,house and roof renovation works from a contractor company, this is the right place for you, ask for building survey.