Inner space of clothe shop in a shopping mall

Business premises renovation

Every business premises becomes amortized over the years, as in almost every company's life there comes a time when the renewal of their image is indispensable. When you create a new image, the renewal and modernization of your business premises are important communication instruments. The stylish business premises is getting more frequent, which characterizes the company and communicates the company's values towards their customers by special internal architectural elements.
Our team undertakes the complete renovation of commercial properties in Budapest and its surrounding, based on the Customer's own architectural drawing upon request.

Execution of building project by architectural drawing

  • tiling
  • insulation, replacement of doors and windows
  • panelling, parqueting
  • repair of electric installations
  • manufacture of unique store equipment, furniture making

Procedure of store renovation

01 Building survey and prior discussion of the store renovation

02 Architecture draw, selection of building materials, discussion of schedule, quotation and budget

03 Arrival to the location and starting construction works.

04 Coordination of different kind of skilled work operations. Formation of structures, walls, design elements and premises, commissioning and installation of architectural equipments and cables.

05 Discussion of the working time and the possible modifications

06 Handing the renovated business premises over to the customer, the beginning of guarantee period

Expansion of business premises without a hitch

One of the biggest challenge of expanding companies is that the level of the company's main activity remain the same as it was beforeduring the creation of new business premises. For this reason it is extremely important to communicate with our clients the more frequently, furthermore, to discuss the essential working processes continuously while creating the new part of the store.

Blueprint on the table

Continuous discussion

Our site supervisors are available in 24/7 during the renovation, as it is important that every all the questions get answered during a major investment. The continuous contact between the Customer and our posted workers guarantees the avoidence of any misunderstanding and also guarantees the clarification of responsibilities as well. Based on our experiences we believe that the continuous communication is the key to fulfill an order 100 %.

Internal architectural execution - Set Construction experience

Most of our business customers approach us with specific ideas, often with 3D architectural drawing. In the course of general contracting we construct the interior spaces in a way and make them from those materials, as our clients have visioned them.
Due to our set constructor background we can carry out the most extreme interior design as well.

Coffee bar counter with painted brick wall

When operability comes first

During the construction work we focus not only on the appearance, but also on the operability.
According to prior arrangements we design the internal and external structures, walls, doors and windows, service parts in a way that they can be cleaned quickly and easily, accessible and replaceable later if it's necessary (e.g.: graphics on the wall). This kind of construction attitude saves a lot of resources to our Customers in the long run.

Unique store equipment

Beside the manufacture of custome-sized store equipment our company undertakes the creation and installation of vintage, so called distressed wood furnitures, doors by architectural drawing.

Clothing shop, parquet

We undertake complete execution, which includes structural design, upholstery, and installation of lighting, electronics. Whether it is about wall surfaces which are made by clapped mortar or about design elements which characterises a brand, our professional team fully executes the order.

Cupola's structure out of wood