Using spirit level during tiling

Flat renovation in Budapest

We undertake full-scale renovation works of old flats mostly in Budapest, Hungary! After the prior arrangement and itemized quotation out team will start the work. Based on the client's orders we can arrange the removal of the old furniture and beyond the dismantling and construction work we can undertake the assembling of the new furniture.

Replacement of doors and windows

Key in the door-lock

We replace the old, draughty, wooden doors and windows together with the casement. We can install modern, even five-chamber metallic or wooden structured windows and doors. Up to the customer's order we carry out the construction and installation of security roller blinds in the interest's of the proper safeguarding.


We repair the damages of the previously laid down parquet floor, level and laquer it. In so far as the parquet is very damaged and fixing the problem could be too expensive, then we can replace it with laminate floor or wood effect ceramic tiles. If the sleepers are rotted under the parquet floor, we replace and fix them.

Cat relaxing and lying on parquet

Bathroom renovation


It is used to be one of our typical bathroom job to install space and water saving shower cabin instead of the previously wide-spread big, metal bath-tub. We can replace the whole plumbing system (in the event of obsolescence) to modern pipes. We tile, grout and transform your old bathroom and toilet to a brand new one.

Furniture making, joinery works

Almost every apartment in Budapest can be furnished with built-in, custom-made furnitures in a space saving way. We design, construct, assemble and install the custom-sized cabinets, storages. We undertake also the upholstery jobs by arrangement.

kitchen furniture

Loft construction

Loft made from wood in bedroom

A well-executed, strong loft is almost an investment in the high-ceilinged, urban flats. It increases the number of the useful square meters of the flat, enhance the value of the property, in addition it is also a very ideal solution for the formation of new bedrooms,mezzanine. We construct high-quality, strong lofts from wood and metal, find us!

Kitchen renovation

When the kitchen is in a run-down, ruined condition, we clean the walls until the brick,if it is necessary, then we plaster and tile them. After the demolition, we replace the pipe system in the kitchen and according to necessity we transfer the plumbing unit's place, make drain for the dishwasher etc.

Kitchen worktop, sink

Heating modernization

Old, obsolete radiator

We undertake the maintenance of the heating systems, replacement and piping of radiators. We are at your disposal with our reliable subconstractors if you need the transfer of the radiators, installation of new gas appliance, because these are used to be parts of the flat renovation.