Detached house under renovation works

House renovation

On the occasion of the complex revamp works we scrutinize the entire family house with the customer. We check the conditions of the house,its enviroment, the existing problems (e.g.humid walls) after that we give an itemized quotation to our Client. The price includes the incurred material costs and fees.

The complete renovation demands coordinated work and expertise. In the following list we have collected the occurring reconstruction work processes in family houses. Of course, the list is not complete as all houses have different tasks to be repaired.

Heat insulation of houses

We can declare that the heat insulation of the family houses is an investment for the future. It comes with a high cost for the first time, but its return is almost certain. The increasing energy prices and the reduction of the environmental burden are in the favour of this kind of real estate development investments.
Let's have a look at one of our reference, where we worked with graphite heat insulation.

Execution of heat insulation on family houses from scaffolding

Rooftop renovation

roof rafters and foil

If the roof rafters are in good condition then we only need to strengthen them, so you can save a substantial amount of money.At this point we remove the old tiles and sleepers, then we bulid a new roofing to the strengthened and surface treated roof rafters. Later the sleepers, the foil and in the end the tiles or sheet metal roof come to this new roofing.
More information: Rooftop renovation services

Plastering, bricklayings

We remove the damaged, loose plaster from the wall, then cover them with new plaster. In case of humid, dank environment, we work with hydrophobic plaster. We execute the plaster work of the front,exterior and interior spaces, and due to the economies of scale even with plastering machines as well.

Weathered plaster from brickwork

Electrical Installations & Plumbing Work

Electrical box

On the occasion of renovation it is worth exchanging the obsolete gas-and water-pipes to their modern types. We can do the same with the electrical network, lamps and radiators.


There is no renovation without painting. We spackle the insulated, plastered walls, then we wallpaper and paint them on demand. Due to the set construction, we work with unique, so called design wallpapers, stuccos in a professional way.


Opened paint buckets and paintbrushes


Floor-tile and tile spacers

In most cases it is a cheaper solution, if we just put the new paving to the old one. But if the paving, the soil is in a very bad condition, we just tear them up, lay down concrete if it's needed, and then we tile, and groat the concreted surface. They can be ceramic tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles, we will stick them up for you. If there are no floor tile boarders, we will cut them for you.

Fence construction

We undertakethe construction and renovation the fences of family houses. Creation of the new gates,transfer or cessation of the existing ones. It can be from wood,metal,brick,rubblestone, we carry out on customer's request.

Steps up to the entrance in garden

Replacement of doors and windows

Plastic framed new windows

Beyond the aesthetic aspect, from the viewpoint ofenergetics the renovation and replacement of the doors and windows is an investment which will be worth it in the long run. On the occasion of the renovations we transfer the windows, doors, moreover, based on the customer's order we make a new window-opening into the wall, then we install the new one.