Renovation of facade from scaffolding

Masonry works

There is no renovation without bricklayer's work. Our company designs, demolishes and constructs. Whether it is about a reconstruction, conservation work or putting up new walls, our experienced construction brigade will come to your home and do the job.

Plastering, masonry

Newly built brick wall
  • construction of load-bearing walls
  • construction and transfer of partition walls
  • installation of glass bricks, wires (water, electricity)
  • construction of cellar walls (shutters)
  • renovation, plastering of facade

Demolition works

  • demolition of partition walls
  • demolition of concrete foundation
  • removal of the tiles
  • demolition and reconstruction of stairs
  • demolition of gypsum plasterboard structures
wall after tile demolition

Construction of structures

Reinforcing steel bars
  • creation of concrete crown
  • construction of pillars
  • shuttering works
  • monolithic reinforced concrete structures
  • laying concrete, steel-bar reinforcement
  • creation of concrete foundation
  • installation of lintels

Other masonry works

  • chimney construction, chimney renovation
  • fence construction
    construction of custom-made fences with reinforcement concrete work
  • creation of customized lintels
  • applying patent plaster
  • civil engineering, post reinforcement of concrete foundation
    repair of foundation of subsiding houses
orange concrete mixer

Feel free to ask us for building survey and quotation
for the execution of masonry works!