In the course of renovation the process of the wall-painting comes up in every case. In every house and flat there comes the time when it is worth redecorating the rooms and premises. Let our professional decorator team to carry out the interior and exterior decoration of your house or flat!

Prime walls for painting

White paint bucket with teddy paint roller

Primer helps maximize the sheen and coverage of paint. In this case we paint one, maximum two layers of paint to the wall. Under such circumstances the wall, the plaster is in an unharmed, good condition, which means less spackling and reparation needed.

In the event of this procedure usually we take the paint (70% white) so to our customers do not have to take trouble with the procurement of paint. In most cases we procure Héra or Polifarbe paints. Of course, we work with pleasure with the customer's own paint as well, as many people like to combine their own unique colours.

Wallpapering, decorative painting

White design wallpaper wall covering in living room

Our decorators have already been working with several wallpapers and wall coverings and they have been distressing vast number of square meters of wall, so we can fulfil our client's special requests in a reliable manner.We undertake the placing of wallpapers,decorative plasters, interior and exterior stuccos, rims and mouldings. We also undertake the installation of the lately fashionable hidden lightning on the ceiling and its wiring of the network.
Due to our set constructor work experience we also take on the preparation and decoration ofspecial wall coverings e.g. wood walls, rustic style side-walls.

Spackling, reparation of defective walls

Spackling, painter workman

Before we would paint the surface of the wall to the final colour, we find out what it has been painted prevoiusly. We remove the possible dirts from the wall which can affect the smooth imbibition and distribution of paint and spackling. We repair the damages, cracks on the wall then we grind it afterwards. In the interest of the perfect work, where we can, we work with the spackling machines and grinding machines.

Where it is necessary we scrape and burn off the previously used old, cracked paint. Where the wall is greasy or got dirty we cover it with deep primer or we even remove the plaster until the brick to prepare the surface properly for the painting work. Then we plaster and spackle the demolished parts of the walls.

Paintwork of doors and windows, window-frames

Old, cracked painted door

Typically, in the Urban flats, which were built at the turn of the century the original doors and windows are the "accessories" of the houses. Their design and appearance create that kind of mood in a nicely restored apartment which can not be replaced by modern plastic doors and windows and a few ten thousand forint doors from the stores.
Therefore, it is worth restoring, painting these objects in everyday use in the course of restoration and painting works. First, we scrape and burn off the old, cracked paint. After that our carpenters will reapir the damaged doors, windows and if necessary, they will replace the tired, damaged parts of the doors, door and window-frames. Following that our decorator, painter specialists stain, lacquer, and paint the doors, windows.

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