Graphite polystyrene insulation on family house

The employees of participated in the complete reconstruction of a family house at the beginning of 2018, so we also participated in the insulation works. The owner, who was very farseeing, has already ordered the insulation of the house in the event of the renovation.

Family house during the renovation

Installation of graphite insulation system

When choosing the insulation material, the Client preferred the Hungarian-made Austrotherm graphite polystyrene insulating material of Győr. Following the masonry works, wall repairs and installation of shutters, we started the installation of insulation, which was 15 centimetre thick on the facade, and 10 centimetre thick on the roof facade.

Baseboard insulation

The baseboard of the house was covered with expanded polystyrene XPS foam plates to a height of 80 cm. These watertight XPS sheets can bee seen in the following image (light green sheets under the ground floor windows).

Green XPS sheets on the baseboard of family house

Insulation of roof facade

The roof facade was covered with timber lining boards after a polystyrene insulation according to the construction plan. Later, the wood decorative elements of the facade were added to this.

Insulation, panelling of roof facade

Insulation of facade

Then the side walls came. A total of approx. 320 m2 insulation was applied on the house and the execution time was 8-9 working days.

Graphite insulation on house Dowel fixed graphite facade insulation

The next step was the netting then the spackling, furthermore the installation of modern, energy-efficient 3-layer doors and windows.

Spackled insulation net on family house

After the windows were installed, we were able to apply the decorative elements and ledges of the facade.

Insulated family house before painting

The building was painted with white, exterior, silicone-based patent plaster. The advantage of the silicone based cover is that it is partially waterproof and washable.

Insulated family house Finished, covered polystyrol insulation on family house

Leave the insulation of the buildings in our professional team's hands. We are at your disposal at any time to carry out this kind of graphite insulation.