Aluminium tinning, roofing on a downtown house

In the course of building reconstruction works, as a subcontractor, we were involved in the formation of new roof of a downtown house, which was flat-roofed originally.

Panorama windows before installation Roof battens in the high, scaffolding and safety net on the side

On the former roof, an entresol was built, the panorama windows at the photo are looking at the streetfront. The attic wall was insulated from two sides, a timber frame was attached to it which was insulated with rockwool.

Side of roof, the edge of panorama window and the firewall

Instead of OSB sheets, we worked with 12 mm concrete slab, which, because of its durability, is a more economical choice over the long term, as it is resistant to almost any weather conditions for more than 50 years. The advantage of the concrete slab is that any water and vapour do not cause any damage in that.

Panorama skylight window, attic wall Roof insulation, glass wool then concrete slab

The new covering of the roof of the building near the Basilica was made of sintered aluminium tin and we covered this 120 square meters roof with that. According to the customer's plans, the drainage was carried out by the construction of PVC troughs.

Panorama window and PVC trough

During the roof insulation, sheet covering and tinning work, which lasted about 1 week, other workflows of the main contractor were carried out as well, such as the installation of the electric blind, which in our opinion is very good for sintered tin roofing.

PVC rainwater trough and tin roof Wine-red sintered aluminium tin roof

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