Repair of the top of soaked condominium

A low pitched (below 15°), tiled top of a condominium in the X. district has been continually leaked from time to time. Due to the leaking, the roof structure became moldy and rotten. The ceiling was soaked and the ceiling of the upper floors was moistened and soaked as well.
The leaking was repaired by replacing the entire roof (about 270 m2). The job was done within 1,5 weeeks because we were getting closer and closer to November, and the weather became wetter.

Demolished roof on condominium

Cause of leaking

When the roof of this newly built condominium was constructed, the previous builder unfortunately did not care about it, because in the case of 15 degrees angle the top of the house should not have been covered by tile. The reason of the leaking was the choice of an incorrectly chosen roofing solution.

It was unnecessary that they treated the beams, rafters with mould removal, because the constant humidity and vapour had eaten away the roof structure as well.This could have been life-threatening in the long run, as the rotten slats do not fix the tiles properly. At first sight, they would not have fallen by themselves, but in the event of a heavy storm, an accident could have happened.

Demolished roof structure and tiles


The rotten slats, beams and old clay tiles were demolished. Construction waste was transported with a crane, which was the most economical way, as the new roofing materials were lifted up to the work area with this crane. Video about crane.


OSB cover

By keeping the original roof structure of the condominium, we built a new wooden roof structure.. This was then covered with OSB sheet which was fixed by PVC cover.

OSB plate on the roof

PVC roofing cover

In the case of this kind of low pitched roofs the exterior PVC roof covering is a very suitable ans reliable solution for the drainage of rainwater.

PVC covering on roof Grey PVC covering on roof Top of condominium in Kőbánya Grey PVC roof covering on the roof

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