Roof tiler worker at the top of the house

Roof renovation

Roof tile affect roof sheet

Complete roof replacement

Interior space of loft

Creation of loft

Loft construction

Roof renovation services

Flat roof repair icon

Flat roof renovation

We undertake the repair of flat roof in Budapest indipendently of the roof's size. If it's needed, we demolish the flat roof, replace the pipes of the water drainage, install plastic rainwater gutter, and then we carry out the roof bedding and tarring.

SOS storm damage icon

SOS storm damage repair

We are at your disposal with our roof repair service to eliminate the leak immediately. The fast, even temporary tile replacement prevents the further serious damages in the building.

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Repair of roof insulation

Our services: replacement and repair of plastic roofing foil, elimination of thermal bridges, replacement and repair of water-damaged roof insulation, repair of flat roof insulation.

Roof replacement icon

Roof tile replacement, roof flashing

We replace the old, earthenware tiles with modern, light metal sheet. We work with grooved plate, concrete roofing tiles, earthenware tiles, anything, what our customer prefers. One of our spectacular work: Zinc roof flashing at the Museum of Fine Arts

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Elimination of condensation

Moulding is a common phenomenon in newly constructed roofs. At this time we remove the roof tiles, replace the vapour barrier with vapour permeable membrane, install counter batten, and if the tiles are in good condition, we just put them back.

Slate roof repair icon

Slate roof repair

The preservation of the existing slate roof is more economical occassionally than its replacement. We repair the slate roof's mistakes, and provide it with surface protection (slate paint). This repair will provide enough protection for the roof for at least 10 to 15 years.

Complete roof replacement

Demolition and replacement of roof

  • demolition of clay roof
  • replacement of main beam
  • construction of timbered roof
  • construction of ceiling rim
  • surface treatment of beam
  • construction of ceiling

Construction and reconstruction of roof structure

  • construction of brand new roof structure
  • reconstruction of existing roof structure (e.g. attic)
  • creation of roof canopy
  • construction, creation of terrace roof
  • construction of garage roof
  • installation of skylight window
Replacement of roof and roof structure
Construction of new roof
Formation of canopy of the funeral home in Bag on the base of blueprint
Formation of canopy of the funeral home in Bag on the base of blueprint, the beginning of work
Wood structure of the funeral home's canopy 1.
Wood structure of the funeral home's canopy 2.
The second annexe of funeral homes's canopy
Wooden canopy
Foiling of the canopy
Front of the canopy, "the entrance"
Installation of counter battens to the roof
The interior part of roof
Construction and transformation of roof structure
Canopy of the funeral home in Bag 1.
Canopy of the funeral home in Bag 2.
Canopy photographed from above (counter battens)
Right side of the canopy photographed from above
Under the canopy
Interior part of the canopy's structure
Prayer house in Hévízgyörk - tile roofing (new tiles), tinning work (eaves), renovation of facade
Construction of the top of family house - concrete crowning
Roof rafters of family house during construction 1.
Roof rafters of family house during construction 2.
Roof rafters of family house during construction 3. - bottom view
Creation of canopy (with welding and metal works)
Canopy photographed from the bottom
Newly made wooden roof structure
Condominium in Fót - Replacement of roof and other renovation works: window replacement, laying down paver patio, brick cover, walling etc.)
Roof renovation of condominium in Fót
New roof structure on family house
Construction of an american-style roof structure on a holiday house

Creation of loft

  • replacement of roof, floor insulation
  • construction of crown, structural works, concrete placement
  • installation of stairs, banister
  • installation of skylight window, doors, balcony doors
  • creation of side walls, sanitary blocks
  • using gypsum plasterboard, masonry, creating of rooms
  • loft installation to existing roof structure
  • creation of loft with new roof structure, new rafters
  • loft parqueting, creature of terrace, tiling, panelling
  • insulation of loft, attick
  • tiling, panelling, spackling, painting

Installation of loft, reconstruction or replacement of roof?
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